Website Graphical Elements Missing

Using Firefox (latest on Windows 10), the padlock icons are not present - just text ‘lock_open’, and ‘lock’. Clearly place holder.
Also, at the top of the screen, text ‘help_outline’ appears instead of correct font/text.

Do you have some sort of plug in blocking some elements on the page? Those are material design icons that use a font from google, using a standard implementation.

I’ve tested the site extensively on firefox with windows 10, since that is the main browser setup that we use ourselves.

I think so - I made sure Ad Block is off and Tracking is On… and reloaded … hmm

That would happen if you are blocking web fonts from google. It doesn’t look like any of the web fonts are loading.


Just make sure you have ’ Allow pages to choose their own fonts instead of yours’ in options, and works great.

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