Website isn't loading properly

Hi! originally I wasn’t being able to paste strings on the website or load my characters. I read in the forums that deleting the chaché would help. I did it and now the website is loading in a weird way, I attach screenshot:

How can I fix it?

It looks like css and/or javascript isn’t loading for you. It can be hard to diagnose exactly why, it could be:

  1. You are blocking the domains from which we serve static content (a firewall or proxy could cause this)
  2. You are experiencing a network issue that is interrupting your connection to our cdn
  3. You are having a DNS issue that is preventing you from resolving the address of our cdn

An what would be solutions to those scenarios? I really don’t understand what changed. A week ago I could go on the website normally?

As a note, I’m trying to access the website on my phone, and the same thing that was happening on my PC is happening: Can’t load any characters

working fine now, and I did nothing xD

It was probably a transient network issue, maybe a DNS hop between you and our servers went down. Glad it is cleared up!