Website not loading correctly

Over the past few weeks I have had difficulty accessing the page to do practically anything but login.

None of the tabs at the top of the screen seem to be responsive at all and I’m not receiving any form of error code, I am guessing the issue is in fact my computer as I have various different people tell me they aren’t experiencing the same issue that I am.

I was wondering if there was a way to fix it as it has become quite irritating.
Also i have cleared my browser and java cache and even tried switching from using Mozilla to using Chrome and I still have the same problem. (The website was working perfectly fine roughly a month ago)

Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions.

So more specifically, what happens on e.g. the gear optimizer page ( What do you see, and what can/can’t you interact with on the page?

I can see this page after i have logged in

None of the additional buttons or drop-down menus are clickable it’s as if the coding is faulty and it’s a dead link so to speak.

Are you blocking scripts perhaps?

Not as far as i can tell that’s one of the first things i checked i even uninstalled and reinstalled java to see if that made a difference but to no such luck,

Most websites do not use java these days – installing or uninstalling it will have no impact.

If you go into the firefox menu and choose Web Developer -> Web Console, it should open a console window. If you then reload the web page with the console open, do you see any errors appear in the console?

i’m getting the following errors in the console

Looks like jquery got blocked (which is required for the site to function). Do you have some browser plugin that blocks domains? In this case needs to be allowed.

Not that i can see, The only plugins i have active in my browser are the 3 that came with the default setup of Firefox. Is there a way i can fix it?

Also thank you very much for all your help this far i really do appreciate it.

It’s hard for me to say without knowing more…

If you go to the Network tab instead of the Console tab in firefox, then reload the web page by pressing F5, it should show a bunch of stuff that got downloaded to run the webpage. The first column is “status”, and most should show 200 (or possibly 304).

Are there any that have a number in the 400s or 500s? If so, what does it say in the File column for the ones that aren’t loading properly?

I can’t see anything above 304 or any errors

So weird… not sure what’s going on… everything is downloading fine…

Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Probably wont’ make a difference… really seems like something is blocking javascript somehow.

Yer I’ve cleared it numerous times and still no luck i don’t know what else i can do shy of wiping and reinstalling my entire machine which i really don’t want to do.

I have the same problem but i use Microsoft Edge, and it has been like this a few weeks, dont know that i have blocked any java or other stuff. Dont know where to look if there is anything blocked.

Do you get the same issue in Firefox or Chrome?