Website not resetting data after addon removed (including variables, and site info cleared from bowser)

I’ve been trying for a week to reset the addon and website data as per the post on how to reset. I even went further and removed the addon and the saved variables, it keeps importing the same data after reinstallation of addon. I’ve deleted the variables from all locations in the game. I have gear that is not showing up in the list.

This keeps coming up so I’ll just suggest this first: check the item on wowhead. make sure it doesn’t come with a static primary stat that doesn’t do anything for you. Dragonflight drops a lot of items like this. If it doesn’t match the primary stat you use, it’s not going to show up because it likely isn’t viable.
Oh, and if it’s not your proper armor type it also won’t show up. That came up a few days ago.

I finally got it to work by completely removing the addon and the variables for all my toons, then i shut down the game, cleared the browser and game caches, started the game without the addon installed, tossed all of my items (armor weps, trinks, etc) in the bank. then i restarted the game, logged out, installed the addon, reloaded the game, opened my inv, bank, and talent sheet, closed the addon window and re-opened it from the minimap icon and everything loaded and showed up as it should. OMG this took me a week on and off to get to work, lol

Glad you got it to work!

It really shouldn’t be that hard though… not sure what was going on. There is only one place where we (and addons in general) can store information: in your WTF folder, in a .lua file with the same name as the addon. It is in a folder like _retail_/WTF/Account/{your account}/SavedVariables/

If you exit WoW, delete the AskMrRobot.lua and any .bak file of the same name in that folder, then start WoW again, all settings and stored addon data will be gone.

The only ways this wouldn’t work would be:

  1. You tried to do it with WoW running
  2. You deleted it for the wrong version of the game (e.g. PTR or classic instead of retail)
  3. You have WoW installed in multiple locations and did it in the wrong folder

There simply isn’t any other way for the addon to hold on to data if that file is actually deleted.