Website not updating Simulator status properly

I’ve been trying to run a sim to determine best combination of talents for my disc priest. I have the app running, and it shows which chunk it’s processing. When I click “refresh” on the web page, it reloads the page, but nothing changes.

Could you link me to the report that is running?

When you refresh the page, it can sometimes take it a little while to re-update the estimated progress for a long-running simulation.

Yeah not sure why it isn’t showing progress… either the simulation itself is stuck for some reason, or your client can’t connect to the server that sends out update notifications. If the latter is the case, the simulation will still finish, you just won’t get updates.

I give up. It refuses to update and the client just ends up halting. I’m just not destined to run a sim on that toon yet. :frowning:


I noticed the following error in the client command prompt window.

49d8f6b05b6e4f2eb4a1ab22a7671533 Error

There are two error log folders under the AskMrRobotClient folder, and also the version1106 folder (or whichever version you are running). Are there any files in those folders? If so, could you send me the error messages in them?