Website User Interface changes


Great Website

With the upgrade to the AMR website there are a few thing I have having difficulty doing

1- For upgrade finder. Can I not see it by Dungeon anymore? Trying to see what Mythic I should spend my time in but it only shows a list and is diffcult to see which Dug has the most loot needed

2- I am not able to see an upgrade for an item from ALL sources. I have to select only one in the upgrade finder. Previously in the top part, you could just click on a slot and it will show all upgrades from all sources


We don’t have the list grouped by dungeon anymore, but, you can type the name of any dungeon into the filter box at the top and get a quick list to view. That’s how I’ve been using it.

We did remove the “all” search because it was slowing everything down and ranking a whole bunch of items people didn’t really care about. For not we are experimenting/testing out this more “focused” approach to the upgrade finder.

As always we will listen to feedback and adjust it accordingly!

Thanks. Seems like a relatively easy work around for the first point.

Second one. If i woman to know what is the best price of gear in a certain slot. That seems like a pretty fundrmantal/comment thing someone who want to do without having to look through each type of source. Might be possible to be able to select? So for example see gear from m+ and raids together. That’s my 2c anyway…

Thanks for reply

If you do the Gear Check and then click on a slot, it pulls up a ranked list of every item in that slot. Have you checked out that list?

I’d really like to see aggregate stats for each dungeon in the Upgrade Finder view describing and ranking how “useful” each dungeon is. With Mythic+ coming out, I want an easy way to see where I should focus my time for a given Mythic+ level for optimal time efficiency vs upgrades. Should I keep looking for groups in Waycrest or Siege? I have to make decisions manually by comparing each item within the dungeon currently. It would be extremely useful to me if I could Ask Mr. Robot to make these decisions for me.

There could be a number of ways to rank the dungeons. Could be chance of upgrade, biggest upgrade, or a mix of the two which combines the likelihood of each upgrade and how large of an upgrade it is.