Weird Best-in-Bags suggestions?

I am getting this weird suggestion, for example to remove a ring from Finger 1 and leave it empty?

Also, in Trinket 2, it is telling me to replace Carrot on a Stick with Smolderweb’s Eye. But the Smolderweb is a trinket that I have in the bank and I opened addon in game with bank closed so it shouldnt be “seeing” that item nor recommending it right? (and yes I imported into website)

This is import code from addon:


Snapshot ID:


Nothing weird about that: Your current ring does absolutely nothing for you, as there are different bonuses for physical abilites and spells and that ring affects only physical abilities. As long as you’re not hitting an enemy with melee attacks you’ll have exactly the same stats with and without that ring.

Where you’re opening the addon does not matter at all and the export string always includes every item you own - as long as you had the addon installed when opening your bank. If you want to exclude items from BiB you can do that on the website itself - just click on the item to open the list of all items you own for that slot and exclude the item using the icon on the right.


Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.

does not affect spells ?!?!

That’s correct, as you can see in the effect details on Wowhead:

Apply Aura: Mod Melee & Ranged Crit %

For spells there is a completely different bonus:
Improves your chance to get a critical strike with spells by 1%.

Apply Aura: Mod Spell Crit % (126)

The problem is the very small amount of items with that bonus that are currently available - especially on jewelry (i.e. rings, necklaces and trinkets) - so having two different bonuses might not necessarily be obvious.

Yeah that ring will do nothing for you, so it has no impact on your character to leave that slot blank. That said… we generally try to make the optimizer fill all slots (even if your only available item has no value), so I can put that on the list of things to check out.