Weird bug in the simulator

Hoy !

I was trying to simulate Pelagos and Kleia just for knowledge purposes.
Here is what i selected :

Result comparing Pelagos & Kleia => No Pelagos in the list

Here is if i select only Pelagos’s traits :
Simulation - Report (

Seems to me like it doesn’t select the soulbinds at all.

Can i get some help ?

P.S : here is the snapshot if need be : cdd3ab2823d9410aa09fe22e3cd2c3bd

This one stumped me for a bit too… the issue is that you don’t have enough endurance conduits selected for Pelagos to fill the entire path selected. If you pick another endurance conduit, it should work. I’ll see if I can make the simulator give some type of message/warning when this happens.

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if the “none” is selected should it resolve the issue ?

edit: yes it does