Weird DH issue: enchants on wep

So I got a new weapon for my demon hunter that is a 25 iLevel upgrade, and AMR tells me to equip it (great and correct!) but also tells me to put Gale Force Striking on both weapons. However, when I click the enchant, it clearly shows versatility enchant is better (which is what I would expect). What is going on here? Thanks!

Here is my AMR String:

Maybe you have your enchant threshold set such that it isn’t changing the enchant because it would only be a small gain. In the setup, try setting enchant threshold to “disabled” or a smaller value – does it then change the enchant?

You can play with that setting as you see fit – it is meant to prevent burning a lot of gold on small gem/enchant changes that don’t really increase your performance that much.

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I haven’t changed the threshold (I didnt know what that was til you mentioned it), but the DPS difference is 0.4% which is pretty large for an enchant! I set it to “disabled”, and now it correctly tells me to use a different enchant. Thanks! And I learned something new about the tool also.