Weird Gear Suggestions (suggestions that go against WoWHead's suggestions for leggo)


The above snapshot is either the settings that gave me my gear suggestions, or the gear suggestions the options gave me. Mainly, I’m finding it odd that AMR suggests the Night Fae legendary as BiS, even at 190 ilvl, and WoWHead’s BiS legendary suggestions are Dire Command, Rylak Stalker’s, and Soulforge Embers. WoWHead states that BM hunters should NOT even consider using the Night Fae legendary as it’s “mediocre at best”. I’ve read what it does, and I feel it’s a nice legendary, but at a 2 min CD, it doesn’t really seem practical.

These suggestions were given when I chose the BiS tool, only normal Sanctum, no Nathria, mythic+ level 3, no pvp, no boe, no world boss. I don’t believe I even touched any other settings, so it would all be default.

So yeah, the setting doesn’t change the result about the legendary.

AMR have often advice that are not the same compare to other tools or website.
To be able to answers properly if the NF legendary is nice or not, you would need to dig a bit in to understand how it’s used in the simulator.

I know for example their is no “big pull” in the current script (if it’s not mistaken). So the number of target doesn’t exceed 5 targets (limit for the legendary).

People on wowhead, may based their assumption on “big pull MM+” so at least 10 targets-ich. (And some raid bosses where their is also lots of targets).

I dont play BM so i can’t go deeper.

@Swol will probably come around and help more

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I took a look at this… with your settings only allowing LFR items with domination sockets, it creates a pretty difficult optimization problem to just eyeball. The setup that it suggested looks to be pretty good. You might be able to get a tad more damage if you use soulforge embers and the full unholy set bonus, but I wasn’t able to find anything that simulated outside of our margin of error higher than what it chose.

If you are going to be doing a lot of pulls with 5+ enemies, then I would probably not get the night fae legendary. If most of your pulls are less than 5 enemies, it should be good.

Our mythic+ script has one pull with 6 enemies that is pretty short. And then it has pulls with 4 enemies or 2, and a boss.