Weird Prot Pally Conduit and recommendations

For some reason AMR keeps recommending Divine Call conduit for prot pally. Why in the world would it be doing that!!! I can understand if I chose the talent Final Stand, but other than that there is never a time you would pop your Divine Shield in group content…bad things will happen if you do. So why does it keep recommending a conduit that reduces its cooldown by a few seconds over any other defensive?..even when this conduit is lower than others and the other ones i have are considered BIS.

Also for some reason following recommended builds for prot pallys has its haste around 5%…That may have worked in BFA and i did it a few times, but in Shadowlands with holy power needing to be generated it doesnt work at all. Not for toughness nor dps.

Have tanks not been updated for Shadowlands?

First thing that comes to mind - and stupid of me to think it, but it happens - is that Protection is not the top of the priority list (on the left hand side of Best in Bags) for that character.

If you could please post a Snapshot ID of your Paladin (Best in Bags; to the right is a Help button - please click there & generate an ID from the bottom option) so that the issue can be looked into more closely. Thank you.

Its the number one priority and always is for me on the list. Even in other specs it makes no sense that it would be listed above others though. Its really not a good conduit unless the off chance you are running prot and you picked final stand talent.


go ahead and give that a look. i had to go in and turn it off for the conduit but set it to defaults and you will see.

I think this is just another issue with lower level gear and toughness… if you set it to all toughness, it chooses conduits that you would probably expect. I’ll look into why it isn’t picking better endurance conduits when using a more or less DPS strategy.

It should never pick it though for mythic + unless using the final stand talent. It would cause a group wipe if you used the spell. Solo sure. Raid, in situations yeah, but mythic+ as the only tank then it would just drop threat on a mob.

If you want toughness rankings at your gear level, set it to all toughness. Any other setting will rank purely on DPS until you get a bit higher item level. When doing a pure DPS ranking, the endurance conduits all have zero value so it has no basis to choose one over the other – it’s probably choosing them in order by ID.

I’ll see if I can get it to prefer some over the other even when doing a pure DPS optimization though.

We did an update that should make it pick better endurance conduits when using an all-DPS strategy (or as in your case, it effectively uses an all-DPS strategy because your ilvl is a tad too low for the slider to kick in).