Weird suggestions from Upgrade Finder

I recently decided to use your service to it’s fullest potential. So far I’m really enjoying the additional features, however I have noted something a little odd. When using the Upgrade Finder section it’s telling me, as a horde Zandalari Troll, to kill Doom’s Howl. This I think is a bit impossible as it’s a Horde Machine of ours, and is the thing to kill if you are alliance for gear. Currently I’m just assuming it’s meaning for me to go for Lion’s Roar instead, but that could be a bit confusing for someone a bit more new. So I suppose my question is, Is this a known bug? or just a limitation of the system currently?

For simplicity we have just one faction version of those world bosses, and have all the loot under the one. We might try to tweak that in a future update.

Ah, ok, I understand, thank you.