Weird weapon suggestion

I’m probably missing a simple settting somewhere as there is no way I should be dropping a ilvl421 intellect sword for a ilvl16 staff

Yeah, it shouldn’t do that. It is getting confused because you do not have an off hand to pair with your one handed weapon. Pick up anything you could put in your off hand and you will not see this happen. I’ll add it to the list of edge cases to check for. It takes a surprising amount of logic to deal with 1h+oh vs 2h weapons for casters. We’ve been lobbying blizzard to combine weapons into one slot forever, but apparently we don’t pull much weight :wink:

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Ahha. Had not considered that. It’s actually very unusual for any of my casters to be using 1h, as 2h are normally so much better. But this one is a recently levelled one, so not gotten a staff yet :smile:
Thanks for the very quick reply.