What does the "Raid Tanking" script simulate?

I’ve tried to sim my Protection Paladin. Both Mythic+ and “Tank Fight” with no NPC damage multiplier gives me 0% death chance. But “Raid Tanking” gives me 100% death chance. What is this, Mythic Uldir?

Please describe those scripts better, especially the difference between “Tank Fight” and “Raid Tanking”.

“Tank Fight” should be removed from the list… I think that was a test version of the Raid Tanking script. I’ll do that in the next update.

We are always working on tuning the scripts, and we’ll have a round of updates shortly after Uldir is released and we get some more data.

We usually target our raid tanking scripts at people in heroic level raid gear. If you are significantly below that, you should have a hard time on it. M+ is set to what damage should roughly be in an base mythic dungeon. Then you need to add affixes and raise the NPC Damage multiplier (M+ level) to something challenging.