What exactly does the order of setups do?

I see the help text regarding the order being in some kind of priority that impacts how setups are optimized, but I’m not exactly sure what that means for the outcomes. Does it change what gear is selected? Or maybe how gear is enchanted?



It handles the tough case of maintaining multiple sets of gear for different specs, and the fact that it’s impractical to keep changing gems/enchants on items all the time – e.g. when you decide to tank you don’t just buy all new enchants for your items that you had set up for Retribution already.

Let’s say you only own one good high-level chest item. Retribution is your highest priority spec so you optimize and enchant it for DPS. Then you want to make a Protection set of gear too. The optimizer will still tell you to use your one good chest item, but the enchant is “reserved” for your Retribution spec – it won’t tell you to change it to a better enchant for tanking.

Now say you get a second chest item that’s almost as good, the optimizer might then use the new one with a tank enchant for Protection rather than the slightly better old one with the DPS enchant.

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Amazing! Thank you. Awesome feature and just what I need.