What is that nonsense?

Hello guys,
So I have a simple question about what is happening.
I paid my " Premium Subscription" couple of days ago when I wanted to use wotlk classic option in askmr robot and I used it when I paid. Then after two days I enter again in the website and it tells me to purchase wotlk classic upgrade for 10$? What is this nonsense I paid to be scammed?
Please answer me because if that’s the case this is literal robbery…

Same here said it was 10$ one time payment and now you need a premium subscription and pay each month or per year. If this is the case i would like my 10 bucks back

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Sorry if there was any confusion. I can assure you that we have not intentionally tried to mislead anyone about the pricing structure.

You need an Ask Mr. Robot premium subscription, which is $12 annually (or $2 monthly) to use the classic versions of the website.

If you want to use the WotLK optimizer, there is a one-time $10 payment to add that on to your account. It will always be part of your account, even if you unsubscribe for a while and come back.

The $10 fee is to pay for the development of the WotLK version of the site. We have done all of our classic optimizers with this fee structure. Not enough people use the classic versions of the site to make them cashflow neutral, so we had to add on a fee for the initial cost of developing them.

If you would like a refund, there is an email you can use for account and billing related issues at this page: Support - Ask Mr. Robot

We usually get back to people within 24 hours.

okay so if I got this right I got charged 10 bucks and can’t use anything unless I pay the extra 2? shitty business structure for sure

Well, we certainly did not intend for people to be able to buy the WotLK upgrade without already being a subscriber. I will go through the purchase workflow and try to update it so that is not possible.

I think that we have a lot of messaging on the site that indicates you need a subscription, but I agree that you shouldn’t be able to get to this state where you have paid the $10 and do not have a subscription. I’m sorry that was the case for you.

As I mentioned, we are happy to issue refunds if you do not want to pay for the subscription. This is not an intentional sequence of events.

I don’t think you quite understand me. I was able to use the wotlk classic service until today when I log in and saw that I need to purchase additional wotlk premium pack or whatever it is. I consider this as misleading and also I kinda feel scammed. I paid the 2 bucks so I can use the service for one month, then couple of days later I cannot use it :smiley: So basically I paid for literally nothing… now I need to purchase wotlk classic premium so I can use it… these payments are claptrap. I certainly won’t issue a refund for 2 dollars but you guys should consider this critique as a negative feedback and work on your payment methods more clearly.

I guess I don’t understand what is happening. If you have an active subscription and you paid the $10 for the wotlk upgrade, it should be working. Maybe there is some sort of issue with your account? Do you use more than one log in? If you email our support, I’m sure we can straighten it out.

Is there a chance you were still using the one week free trial of the wotlk version of the site? Maybe the free trial expired?

I think this blog post might help explain it better (it was written for vanilla classic, but we have used the same process for TBC and WotLK):

I’m in the same boat. Not a premium subscriber but paid to use the Wrath service. Was able to use it no problem until just a few minutes ago when it asked me to pay for it again. I have no need for the monthly $2 premium service, I just want to use the wrath tool. Thanks.

Were you on the one week free trial of the premium subscription? The premium service is required to use the wrath version of the site.

I’m working on clarifying the messaging so that people aren’t surprised when the premium free trial runs out.

So, I looked at this, and we are really clear that you need a premium subscription to use the wotlk version of the site. Also, I don’t see a way to buy wotlk without actually having a premium subscription. Could one of you walk me through the steps you took to get into this situation? Did you purchase a one month subscription for $2 and then cancel it? Is this happening when the time runs out on your subscription?

This is what you saw when you didn’t have premium and went to buy WotLK:

I did the free trial & it expired. I was able to pay for the one time wrath tool using the link shown above (on the right). At no point did it check to see if I’m a premium member. This IS available to non-premium members for purchase - which apparently it should not be (at least not without a disclaimer that the tool won’t work unless you are a premium subscriber).

We did an update that should close up any loophole in which you can buy wotlk without a premium subscription.

The messaging we have around the purchasing does explicitly state that you need a premium subscription to use the wotlk version of the site.

That link/button on the right should take you to a purchase screen that buys the WotLK upgrade and premium subscription together. I’m still trying to figure out how it could have presented just the WotLK upgrade by itself without the premium subscription from that link… no luck so far.

The confusion in the messaging lies here: “Sign up with WOTLK (yes that’s what I want) OR by Premium with WOTLK now… (nope I’m ok with standard as long as I can use WOTLK so I’ll pass on that option)”

The OR makes it seem like you have a choice, even with the screen laid out the way it is.

EDITED: Of interest, I went into my account & then to paypal. It turns out that what I had initially purchased was a premium membership, NOT the WOTLK upgrade as I had thought. So it did direct me to the first item I needed to get what I wanted, so it did NOT sell me the WOTLK upgrade without sending me to premium first. My mistake.

Thanks for the feedback – we can work on the wording of that page. I’ll take a look also, because that button shouldn’t take you to something that buys premium without the WotLK upgrade – it should do it all in one step for you and have a description of it.

We did do an update yesterday to fix a case where it’s possible for a small window of time to exist where one free trial expires but not the other, and it could result in a confusing workflow.

We have had other feedback that people would like to see the structure of the classic subscription changed – we simply didn’t have time to mess with it for WotLK launch though, so we kept it the same as vanilla and TBC for now. With its release so close to Dragonflight, we have been 100% focused on getting both versions of the site out the door in a timely manner first.