What's wrong with SP?

Shadow priest is fully bugged.
Saying me i need lesss mastery and more haste, but it makes me enchant for mastery.
Azerite traits for heal.

Solve it please, I didn’t pay for this,.

Regarding the stats, this post explains it:

Regarding the azerite traits for healing, that is most likely happening because you have your holy or discipline spec set as a higher priority than shadow. In the list of specs on the left, make sure that shadow is on top if that is the spec you care about the most.

If those answers don’t help you, post your export string from the addon and we can look at your specific case.

SP is on main spec.And it still showing Holy traits instead SP

as you can see here. https://imgur.com/a/0ppFvMm

In the list on the left, you have to drag Shadow up to be above Holy. You have Holy set as your highest priority spec right now.