When i try to Best in bags on my shami it say i should wear only 1 weapon?

Can someone say me why it only have one Weapon now?

It’s an Intellect Axe

Sure it is but i still need 2 Weapons and it still worked before as u can see at the left site .
And i still cant take the weapon. on the right site only the “Headcracker of Supplication” is showing up.

That’s just a byproduct of the ridiculously large amount of calculations and data necessary for AMR to be able to give you an answer within a couple seconds. For that reason AMR completely disregards gear not intended for you to use - for example a weapon without your primary stat.

If you want to use it, just equip it manually in game. I’d definitely recommend getting a weapon with the correct main stat though even if it’s like 30 itemlevel lower.

Blightspreader’s Crescent doesn’t have Agility and you’re trying to use it as an Enhance OH… an Agility spec. - well; that would be my take.

To the right of the BiB header, you’ll see a Help button; if you click that & generate a snapshot ID, someone here may be able to assist you better.