When i try to copy character string from ingame to pc once i hit control v it does nothing, reverts back to homescreen

I loved this app 8 yrs ago but havent played again until recently. Just purchased the yearly sub for Dragonflight. I am obviously not installing it correctly or i dont know the problem. Nothing is working. Very Frustrating. Looked at vids on youtube/forums all are really old. It used to be simple now I cant tell heads from tails. Frustrating and useless at this point. when i tried to copy character information from game onto pc app… NOTHING Happens! Do you have a current install video for Dragonflight? with screenshots showing what things should look like and functions?

Sorry you are having trouble with the site - it is definitely a much different user experience than it was 8 years ago! The game has changed so much, so the site has evolved as well.

This tutorial is still going to be very relevant, even though it was made a while ago. The workflow hasn’t changed, just a few of the settings because of how much Dragonflight altered the game (mainly, ignore the whole “stat analysis” section - that doesn’t exist anymore). Start with this and if you still have questions, let us know and we can help you out. Of particular interest to you is probably the video near the top of the tutorial showing you how to get data from the addon to the website and vice versa.