When will Emblems of Triumph be added to Upgrade Finder?

When will Emblems of Triumph be added to Upgrade Finder?


We’ll add that in an update before the next reset on Tuesday.



Same for me, H++ Items and Sidereal Essences surprised I don’t see VoA on their also?

I am sure this is posted, but are Librams for Pallys just not in the system?


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We just posted an update with an Emblem of Triumph option in the emblem upgrade finder search, and a filter for it in Best in Slot. The upgrade finder search will also show tier 9 gear that can be purchased only with emblems.

And now you broke the raid upgrade finder.

Edit: specifically the Uld 10 items. I assume it’s because you’re moving them to show up in the Heroic++ area, which is not created yet.

Could you provide more specifics? As far as I know, nothing was changed about Ulduar loot in this update.

I think that I see the issue – we had previously handled the updated item levels for Ulduar gear manually because the available data sources were not up to date when we released the WotLK version of the site. We have since written new extraction code that gets the proper data though, and some of the filtering needed to be updated to work on the new data. It should be fixed now.

We are not doing anything specific for Heroic++, just use the raid search to decide if Ulduar gear would be good for your character.

That’s unfortunate that you won’t update item sources for H++. Now it’s a really big hassle to need to look at external resources to see where these items come from to see where we can get potential upgrades. This pretty much guarantees I will just use those other resources and not renew my subscription here.

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We are not doing anything specific for Heroic++, just use the raid search to decide if Ulduar gear would be good for your character.

I think this is disappointing that you are not planning to update HC++ items on the Upgrade Finder. People have paid for this service and as such are within their rights to expect that such a feature is included.

I think what yellow was saying is that the gear is already in the upgrade finder. You can rank the gear and find out if it is an upgrade right now, without us specifically labeling it as heroic++ - it is simply the raid gear.

If you want to know which specific dungeon drops a specific item… we’ll have to wait to get that data. There is no complete information right now on the exact loot tables. We could probably add that info to the upgrade finder so that you can see which heroic++ bosses drop the different items. I don’t even see anything on wowhead right now that would give information on that part of it.

I think there is some misunderstanding here, @simalina

Heroic++ dungeons drop a new currency called Sidereal Essence. You can use this at a new vendor to buy Ulduar 10-man hard mode loot. There is no other loot available at this vendor other than Ulduar hard mode loot. I can check if all 10-man hard mode loot is available… there may be a couple of items that are not, but only a few. It seems to be almost all of it, and all of the “important” items like trinkets are definitely available.

If you use the Upgrade Finder, go to the Raid search, uncheck all the filters except Ulduar “H” (that column is for 10-man hard mode for Ulduar), you’ll see a list of only Ulduar hard-mode loot.

When you are at the vendor deciding which item to purchase with your Sidereal Essence, just look at this list and pick the highest ranking item that is available.

That’s not what people are talking about. The entirety of the Ulduar 10 non-HM boss drops have been taken out of that raid and added to the different H++ dungeon bosses. So, naturally us subscribers would like to be able to use the upgrade finder for our characters to see which dungeons we should run to acquire this gear that is identified as upgrades.

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Yes, it is more for Dungeon loot searches. So if I am looking for upgrades for my alt which still needs a fair bit of gear, I can easily see what’s available in HC, HC+ and HC++. Of course, it’s the same loot that’s under the Raid search, but that’s not what my alt is running at the moment. It doesn’t help me in that context to know that the item drops from Freya 10.

If it is a lack of information, that’s one thing. I know that addons like AtlasLootClassic haven’t been updated yet. If this could be done it would be a useful feature (for me at least). Phase 3 is supposed to the alt-friendly phase, so this would help a lot.

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I see – yeah we’ll just have to wait to see where those items drop… there is no way to extract it from the game. I think I did last phase by hand once enough data was available a week or two after launch.


That would be great.

Thanks for the hard work.


I appreciate the work, and have been a subscriber for a long time.

I do think the information is scattered and not in Atlasloot and other sites… if its helpful I will share a spreadsheet I found: (credit to author).

It woudl be great if the Dungeon section could get a H++ drop down so I can see what loot is an upgrade in targeted dungeons on alts easier than Excel.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks I’ll start there and get some of the known drops entered tomorrow. I think that I looked at atlasloot as well last time… it was updated pretty shortly after launch.

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I also noticed that there is no option to check upgrades for items bought with with trophy of the crusader i.e 245 ilvl set pieces. Is there any where to find those? or are they not implemented.


The trophy of the crusade only drops from the raid, so the set items are under the raid search in the upgrade finder. Choose the appropriate difficulty (Trophy of the Crusade drops from 10m heroic and 25m normal), and you’ll see the set items in that list. You can use the text filter above the result list to see just the set items: type “set” to see only set items, or “zone drop” works too since you can get the trophies from many bosses.

We just updated the site with a “Heroic++” option under the dungeon upgrade finder search.

I can’t guarantee that every possible drop is in there… but it should be most of them. In theory the drops should show up on e.g. wowhead in a couple weeks and we can pick up any missing items.