Where did the old optimizer go?

what happened to the old optimizer that showed what my current gear had far as stats and what was needed to be optimal?

It’s still there. The only section we removed was the “gear check” section that would optimize only gems and enchants - it became somewhat obsolete with how the game has changed. You can use the Best in Slot section for free to see ranked items for every slot and ranked lists of gems and enchants.

To get suggestions for your specific gear, you would use Best in Bag, which is part of the premium subscription.

No, I believe he means the Optimize section that is GONE, making this addon worthless for me at least. Been waiting more than a year for it to come back. Disappeared when Dragonflight came out.
We Need the Graph Optimize Section back please. Without the Graph I cannot setup my toon.
The BiS/BiB stuff I guess is nice for folks that don’t do math, but, Optimize section is needed for the rest of us.

I’m not sure what section you are talking about. The optimizer still works the same way it always has: we create a scoring function and then you can optimize gear using our optimization algorithm.

Are you talking about the stat graphs we had that were based on pre-run simulation data?

Yes the stat graphs that told me what I needed more to be optimal IE; Intel, Crit, Haste etc

Those were a fun little view into the data that created the scoring functions, which the optimizer uses to pick BiB/BiS gear. The main point was to show that there were varied stat combos which all end up being very close to optimal. Sometimes the gear you have available to you would shift which stats the optimizer wanted to pick, based on what is currently available to you.

We don’t have to pre-calculate data anymore, since we made the scoring functions much faster. When you tell the optimizer to find BiB, BiS, check upgrades, etc - the score is calculated dynamically right at that moment. The stats picked by the optimizer are the stats you want to be optimal.

BiB gives you a “local” solution based on gear you have. BiS will show you where you are trying to end up if all the gear you are willing to consider is available to you. If you are looking for a rough idea of what stats to go for in the long run, check out the BiS solution.