Whispers in the dark

Hi folks,

does AMR have a problem with whispers trinket? It’s still one of the best trinkets for frost mages, depending on ilvl but AMR values it as really really bad
Trinket toplist in my whispers trinket slot according to amr:

Even if I force BiB to use whispers, some stats change but the trinkets stay almost the same

I simmed the BiB result and according to simc it would be a DPS loss ~100k (drop from 980k to 860k). I tried the gearset in my Order Hall for ~5min fight length and it really was a dps loss ~80k DPS (960-1020k to ~840-880k) from what I’m currently wearing.

I’m not seeing this ranking by default…

Are you using a custom gearing strategy? Can you give me an export from the addon so that I can recreate this?

I actually see similar rankings on my mage (that i have not touched since pre-7.1, no judging)

Ranking 910 whispers only 3k above my 835 stat stick. I’ll try to remember to post my export when I can.

I think I wasn’t seeing this because I was checking on my development server. We re-ran the gearing strategies and it is apparently fixed. Not sure how that happened with the ranking on the live site… but it’ll be updated today regardless.

Whispers in the Dark still appears to be broken - it’s showing a 0% value for the proc and only appears to be using the Intellect value.

We didn’t update the gearing strategies on the site yet.