Why are old Legendary Items showing as upgrades?


Heres my snapshot, so really a 137 IL cape is better then a 389 cape? This has happened on a few of my toons with really old legendary items ive kept in my bank

Thanks for the snapshot, we’ll take a look. It certainly shouldn’t be doing that so we’ll figure out what’s up.

There was a bug in the code - this was a tough one to find. You are optimizing for mythic+ without seed of corruption. I nominally put in code to protect against a build like that, but it wasn’t robust enough. I added even more code. I never expected anyone to really optimize for m+ without seed of corruption.

I use the Talent Cheat Sheets from Ice Veins for M+ build and they dont have Seed of Corruption selected for it.

Really? That build is nuts. You gimp your aoe damage so much by not taking seed of corruption. If you are gearing strictly for boss damage, that build makes sense. Usually in m+ you want high aoe damage. On a tyrannical week maybe you sacrifice a little aoe damage for single target.

I think this build is the best balance between single target and aoe damage, although it will lean more towards aoe damage:

(you can load snapshots from the same screen where you create one)

Sow the seeds is so strong for aoe - I don’t know why anyone would skip it unless they only care about single target damage.