Why askmrrobot chooses as it does?

I see a lot of different items that you are saying is " a lot" better then everyone else.

Eks. Netherwind Shoulder is 0.71 % better then Mantle Of The Blackwing Cabal as everyone else says is BIS for Mage.

I dont say that your are wrong , I just wanne understand why.

I have some other items where askmrrobot saying otherwise then everyone else


I noticed that AMR probably calculate amount of mana in our rotation. Sometimes on longer encounters better is to have more mana than stronger spells to do overall more damage in that time.

For example on 30 sec encounter it can suggest you the highest amount of spell damage and spell crit, when on longer encounter more mp5 and intellect.

Probably it do that, because calculated, that you should have enough mana to keep higher dps with Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal.

nizeth is correct: we take into account your mana pool when doing our calculations.

Shorten the fight length or add more mana consumables and Mantle Of The Blackwing Cabal will be chosen.

Thank you both for the answer. Makes sense. :slight_smile: