Why does AMR continue to recommend gear that's 0.05% upgrade?

It seems ridiculous. Even when one sets gems and enchants not to list anything if it’s a 0.50% dps upgrade, it does it anyway.

If you post a snapshot of your specific case, we can take a look and see what’s up. Instructions on how to do that here:

I am not the OP, but I often get 0.0x recommendations, too… like right now I loaded it up to see if it had the new set bonus changes and it’s recommending me a 0.00% change.


right, so how to list the BS copy of a generated 32 character snapshot? And all this is for simming for a alt T spec?

So where is this 32 character snapshot ID? I mean, you’ve required multiple copy and paste inputs for the least best of gear, so where is the magical 32 bit character snapshot?

It was in the instructions that yellowfive replied with above. Click the green “help” link next to the Best in Bags header and it opens up a popup window… click the “create support post” button and the popup has the 32 character string in it.

You know what…? I’m sensing deeper issues resulting in your posting overly aggressively on a Forum than frustration with/over something in a mere video game. My suggestion would be to either take a breather for a while or totally disconnect yourself from AMR (as in delete/unsub. & never come back), as it seems to be compounding/worsening your mood. People are trying to help you & you’re being unreasonable to their offers of help - like I said above, either calm down or “get outta town”.

Are you still seeing an issue? I’m not seeing a 0% increase when I run BiB with this snapshot.

No, I’m not now. It definitely was up until some point on Tuesday night when I stopped checking to see if the belt changes were in, and then after that I had gotten some new gear, so everything else had changed. :slight_smile:

this is very progressive, wonder if this will work?

In this snapshot, there are no enchants being changed. The only change recommended is a conduit.