Why Does AMR Load So Slow For Me?

From loading a character from Armory/Addon to loading individual gear lists and BiB, it could take up to 3 minutes IF it loads. Half the time it just loads forever. I have to constantly reload the page to try and get it to load. It never used to be like that. Is it an internet issue? I don’t think so…my ISP hasn’t changed. I’m running 100Mb/s fiber optics and no other web page gives me a problem. This occurs on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge, so it’s probably not the browser. I tried clearing cookies but that didn’t help. Is it the AMR servers? I believe there are certain times of the day where I have no issues. I’m not sure what’s going on…

Hmmm, I’m not sure what would be causing that. Usually I will hear from a lot of users if there is an error on our end slowing it down for many people.

Our main developer will be back from vacation at the end of the week - I’m sure we will be doing a website update shortly thereafter and we can see if any of the servers had errors or something like that.

Actually I think some of our servers crashed, they should be working now.

Shortly after you posted this I did a check. It took 3 minutes to load the Gear Explorer and about 5 minutes to load the BiB. I was surprised that it actually loaded at all.

Ok, this seems like it is probably some sort of specific problem with your connection to our website then. I’m not totally sure what would cause it since that’s not my area of expertise… maybe a bad server between you and our servers?

I also been having problem with the forums page loading really slow and messages taking forever to post or not posting at all. All day I’ve been trying to say that I tried AMR on my wife’s PC (which is a few steps down from mine) and AMR moves as fast as it should. I’m not sure what the heck…

Maybe some sort of browser addon that is interfering? Just throwing out ideas…

I thought about that. I do have a few extensions on Chrome, but because it’s been giving me a lot of problems for the last year (not being able to view forms in-browser, websites that use .gifs as part of the background freezing) I decided to try out Microsoft Edge…and I have zero extensions there. How about .NET Framework? I got an error page loading AMR a couple of times and it mentioned something about that…

I mean… the back-end is in .net core, but that shouldn’t really matter for users of the website. What was the error that you got when you loaded the page?

Actually, the error itself was generic in nature and didn’t provide any information on why it occurred. The mentioning of .NET Framework was just linked with version numbers and whatnot. I figured it would be a server-side concern…requiring web users to download external apps to view pages I’ve never heard of. Although I have a version of .NET Framework downloaded for some apps I use, I thought maybe it was conflicting with how AMR works.

Yeah that wouldn’t matter – the site is just a standard website, doesn’t require downloading anything. Was probably a server error. We did have a short period one day where a server went down and gave some generic asp.net errors… that could have been it.

This has been a problem for me for months now. Half the time I’m leaving the site because I don’t want to wait that long.

Could you give me some more specifics? In general I have not noticed any slowness lately, nor have I seen anything unusual in our logs.

What specifically are you trying to do that is taking a long time?