Why does it seem to change after I gem?

The way I am gemmed now is the way it told me to, I spent at least 1000 in gold in gems getting there. I plug it in to make sure I didn’t miss anything, the exact same way with no changes, and it completely changes how my gems are. It wants me to go from 8.01 hit to being under but now I get slightly more ap and crit rating. Why does it seem to change after I gem kind of frequently?

It’s hard to say without seeing how it was previously… one thing to note is that you have Survival set as a higher priority than Marksmanship. It’s possible that you got another piece of gear perhaps? I also notice that you have no wrist item equipped on your Survival setup. If Marksmanship is your main spec you should put it at the top of the list (drag and drop to re-order).

Also, the difference is extremely small… less than 0.2%. You can just ignore a difference that small if you wish, you won’t be able to notice a difference in-game.

It is theoretically possible for the optimizer to get different results from different starting points… but I suspect the order of your specs and the incomplete gear on survival caused the issue.