Why doesn't Treacherous Covenant show up as a choice for prioritizing Azerite Traits

I’m trying to simulate the priorities I’m seeing on the very top raiding Balance Druid players. They seem to be getting one Arcanic Pulsar, then as many Treacherous Covenant and Streaking Stars stacks as possible.

I can’t seem to prioritize Treacherous Covenant, though. It’s not even a choice to be made in my BiB Prioritization dialog.

Do I need to changes something to make it show up?

Also, is there a way to prioritize getting JUST ONE Arcanic Pulsar?

If you post your export from the addon we can take a look at this particular case for you. We do have an update we were planning to post this weekend that includes some tweaks to the rankings for some balance azerite traits, so that might also end up getting you towards what you want as well.