Why dps azerite on tank spec?


I am trying to find best in bag for Vengeance Demon Hunters, and one of the azerite gear must have azerite that unusable like “Revolving Blades” which is only for dps, and the same item isn’t use on dps gear, because I have higher ilvl and best traits

my setups is:
dps M+(works great)
tank M+( one item is using azerite dps which will never be used as tank)
dps ST (works great)
tank raids ( same issue)

Are any of your spec’s sharing gear pieces…?

Usually this is because your only other options are lower ilvl items. Using a higher item level item with DPS azerite traits can be better. Tanking azerite traits are generally not all that great compared to raw stats.

@eighjan no they don’t share gear pieces, ( all setup is using different pieces)

@Swoll, indeed but, how can be better when the azerite trait adds zero benefits, when I already have 2 items of the same ilvl, the only gain of the azerite traits is 3rd ring, and 1st and 2nd ring = zero benefits.

I reset all azerite pieces and cost me a lot of gold but still one pieces use different, when I change it, it change the other set :confused:

for example:
1- trait “Furious Gaze” proc only when use Eye Beams and only usable on Havoc to proc but it shows on tank spec as best traits
2- Blade dance and only usable on Havoc to proc but it shows on tank spec as best traits

Even now I am having issue with my priest, same item used for both shadow and holy and I need to reset traits at each time I want either to heal or dps :confused:

If you use the help link and post the snapshot id that it generates, we can help you out with your specific case.

The optimizer assumes that you will not reset azerite pieces when you change specs, just FYI.

here you go
Snapshot ID:66d30c26cdc44e71b6899fd2b3e69d38

Looking at BiB with this snapshot, I do not see any Havoc traits being chosen for your Vengeance spec in BiB.

If this isn’t what you see for vengeance… try clearing your browser cache.

The item “gorak tul’s mantle” have dps trait which is unusable for tank :confused:
first one on the left “https://www.wowhead.com/spell=279581/revolving-blades” it’s for dps only which ther two traits for tank but it was ignored

You have it set to an all offensive strategy. The “generic” traits on the other rings of that item add more DPS than the other items available to you. The outer ring is really incidental - no trait you pick there is going to add any DPS for you.

Exclude that item from your Vengeance optimization if you want to force it to pick a different one.

I saw this when I used the snapshot ID you gave, above:

By clicking close, you’ve accepted the observation that you’re happy with Havoc options in your Vengeance spec.
Like @Swol said - if you want exclusivity for your Tanking spec., you’re going to need Tomes to change traits or farm two totally different sets of gear.