Why is BiB asking me to do this?

BiB is getting goofy on me. Here’s the snapshot e13d638fb8374e8e8dcbac6fdcc7384b

My tanking setup. It is my second priority spec but I’m not using any of the gear it wants me to change out on the top spec to cause the downgrade.Thing is, every couple of days it like’s to flip back and forth between those two set-ups. Some times I will make some suggested changes and after I make them it will want me to go back an hour later even though I didn’t get any gear or make any changes at all. It’s like I’m right on the limit of some odd stat distribution.

The thing that triggered the change this time is I cleansed a two hand weapon from my arm spec and then it wanted me to make changes to arms and also my tanking set-up even though no changes were made to any gear use in the tanking setup at all. Unless I’m missing something obvious.

Poor me no one can help :cry:

If you make any changes to the gear available to the optimization algorithm, it could potentially find a different result. You may very well be right on the edge between two different solutions that are very close - and making slight changes to the starting conditions for BiB is enough to make it want to toggle between them.

You could try locking in a couple of items that you don’t want to change, and that might be enough to push it towards the same solution each time instead of wanting to change lots of things.

When you customise the results the percentage change result doesn’t always show you what you expect or want, removing the exclusions and stat distribution it gives a 7.61% upgrade number.

I’m guessing you’re trying to optomise for more DPS while tanking, to do that I’d just lower the M+ setting in the setup stage and see what it changes. If you’re concerned about surviving you could run a couple of simulations and see.

You’ve got quite a trinket collection too, your 308 trillion combinations dwarfs my best hording effort and I play a druid!