Why is BiB telling me to rearrange my gems?

The gem selection when I run best in bags seems to be wasteful. The items involved are 930 Hunter T20 gloves (Vers/Crit) with 150 Mastery slotted, a 925 Coral Band of the Abyss (Crit/Mast) with 200 Agi slotted, and a 945 Loop of the Life-Binder (Mast/Haste) with an empty slot. Best in Bags wants me to put a 200 Agi gem in the gloves, a 200 Mastery gem in the Coral Band, and a 150 Mastery gem in the Loop.

Given that the combined effect of the gems would be the same as if I just put a 200 Mastery gem in the Loop of the Life-Binder, why is the system recommending I spend extra gold to rearrange them?

(As an aside, I’m also curious why it’s recommending a +150 gem when I have it set to use +200 ones.)

Update: Once I equipped the items & re-ran BiB it didn’t want me to shuffle the gems anymore. I’m wondering if for some reason the addon export didn’t have gem/enchant data on unequipped items.

Hard to say… if you ever see something like this happen again, post your addon export string here, we can use that to recreate the problem.

Also if you happened to have any gems/enchants locked into particular items, or a higher priority spec… that can impact things.