Why is focus capping not a problem for a Survival Hunter?

I noticed the Survival Hunter rotation guide here doesn’t mention anything about avoiding focus capping. Icy Veins’s guide also doesn’t care about focus capping. And during gameplay, I noticed that trying to avoid focus capping against single targets pretty much doesn’t allow any use of bombs. So, I’m curious why focus capping doesn’t seem to be a problem for a Survival Hunter? From the perspective of every other spec with a fast-regenerating resource that I know in the game, this is a waste, so why is the Survival Hunter an exception?

Wildfire Bomb is your strongest ability. It doesn’t matter if you are focus-capped, you don’t want to delay using it.

If you avoid downtime, the amount of focus wasted is small. If you find yourself spending a lot of time focus-capped, you could probably find ways to improve your actions per minute.

Thank you, Swol. What you said makes sense.