Why is it recommending this gem?

AMR is telling me to use mastery, when INT is a better gem. (As shown in the picture). My other spec has similar numbers where INT is best, but mastery is being recommended.


0.17% difference is “Race to World First!” fine tuning… if you disable Gem/Enchant/Azerite thresholds, you may get the kind of recommendations you’re after - that said, it may cost you a tonne of Gold/mat’s to action the results.

Alternatively; ‘Remove’ all gems & re-optimise…

That ranked list is an estimate. Best in Bag looks at all your gear and uses gems/enchants to balance the stats towards an optimal distribution, which might not always result in picking the single gem estimated to be highest value.

Yeah it’s a little more nuanced than that: the estimated value of gems in that list is “static” – roughly how valuable it would be were you to add it to your current gear. It does not modify the ranking of the gems for every single socket.

For example, if you look at the ranked gem list on your socket on your wrists, and then open it for the socket on your legs, it will show the same ranking – it does not do a separate ranking as if you had removed the current gem in those sockets and replaced it with that gem. That is why Best in Bags will sometimes pick a different (better) gem than the list shows.

But – look at how close those are! 0.03% is insanely close in value. The list is telling you that it doesn’t matter a whole lot which gem you use. Feel free to lock in a preference if you have one, you will not be able to tell the difference in-game (or even in a simulator).