Why is my armory item level 926 and Mr. Robot showing 924 even after update?

When I log in to Mr Robot and update from armory it shows my item level as 924. In WoW and the armory it is 926. It also seems because of this my best in bags is not functioning correctly. Also I can check site daily with no changes to inventory and it will give me different gem/ench suggestions than the previous day. Is there some kind of bug? Is site broke due to last patch? Seriously considering cancelling sub.

The item level discrepancy is from reading the crucible traits. We will have an update for that early next week - our developer has been on vacation. It was a long planned trip that unfortunately coincided with the crucible unlocking.

The optimizer won’t change suggestions unless something changed about your character or the gear available in your bags. Even a small change can cause this. We have some plans to create a threshold option to ignore small changes if you wish so that you don’t see things changing up for very minor/negligible changes.