Why is my frost mage bib ilevel so low?

my frost bib appears to be stuck on season 2 gear. Did I configure something off? I have a couple of items from season 4, and it’s still saying that 4-piece set averaging 420 is better.

snapshot id: 9986e4d8353648bdaf368e67973dbf65

We’ll take a look – for some reason the old set bonus is ranking too high in this case.

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The set bonuses, in general, are really good. Comparing having the set bonus to items with higher stats, it’s pretty close in value. If you pick the glacial spike talent, the higher item level set items (with set bonuses that rely on having glacial spike) will certainly beat out the old set (by a lot). But, if you are ignoring the new set bonuses by not having glacial spike, the comparison gets weird.

It is possible our valuation of the old set bonus is a bit optimistic, but what you really need to do to get more damage is play glacial spike, because of how the gear is designed.

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@Swol Thanks, I’ll take a look at my talent options. This is one of my alts using the blizz ‘starter’ talent build since creation. I just loaded the latest Wowhead m+ talent build (including glacial spike). It’s now favoring the season-3 gear.

@yellowfive Yeah, it’s coming out to be a 15-iLevel difference between equippable vs equipped.