Why Might of Krosus?

I’ve been trying to understand this for some time, on both my ret pally and fury warrior, amr shows MoK as BiS and that trinket is garbage. Also, on fury it shows Draught of Souls as garbage, but it’s one of the best trinkets for fury. I’d just like to be able to rely more on AMR for all gear, but as it is, the trinket rankings are incredibly bad. But it’s this particular one that baffles me the most.

If you have a link to your character, gearing strat, or export that would be helpful to see why you are getting the recommendations you are.

You should run a custom gearing strategy and the trinket rankings will be better. Might of Krosus is actually a pretty good trinket when used optimally.

DoS is really strong, and newer gearing strategies rank it high. Our defaults are going to be updated for ToS and work better “out of the box” than they do right now.

In particular, I know that if you were to run a custom strategy for fury warrior right now, it will rank Draught of Souls very high. I tweaked that in the simulator, but we didn’t update the default rankings since we’re focused on ToS right now.

With regards to Might of Krosus being garbage… you are probably basing that opinion on one of the static retribution trinket lists floating around, or some guide. Those are all seriously flawed and give bad ranking advice for retribution trinkets. I did a lot of work on the retribution rotation and handling of trinkets in particular. Most people just don’t know how to combine them properly, e.g. they do not customize their rotations to handle using faulty countermeasure and might of krosus simultaneously without locking each other out at bad times. For example, here are two trinket comparisons for a well-geared ret paladin in my guild (we run heroic, so his gear is good for not doing a lot of mythic raiding).

Krosus, single-target:
Notice that there are several configurations where Might of Krosus ranks well for him on single-target.

Mythic+, multi-target
Once again, configurations with Might of Krosus rank quite well.

This uses our default rotation which is smart about getting maximum benefit from overlapping on-use trinkets with Crusade. You can check our rotation for the logic. With MoK and faulty countermeasure for example, that is a tricky combo to use – the lockouts can make a big difference. Our simulator can figure out the right pattern automatically, in that case is basically goes: pop crusade, immediately hit FC, then use MoK as soon as you can towards end of Crusade. Use MoK again on CD while Crusade is cooling down. MoK will be ready again before next Crusade, but delay it: use Crusade, FC, then MoK at end of Crusade again. This pattern more or less repeats and gets very good value out of both trinkets.

I really wish that more theorycrafters out there would take the time to give more builds/items a fair shake… but it is what it is.