Why raidbots give better results than mrrobot?

I love mrrobot but raidbots sugest me different top gear, usually the results from raidbots are more accurate than mrrobot. Wondering how to get similar results using mrrobot?

How are you determining “better results”?

If you provide some simulations of the same gear being better the data can be looked at and a proper discussion can commence.

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Add to what @Cluey said & ‘more accurate’ implies there is a perfect way to do things… a mindset that verges on unhealthy to follow.
@carlos9949 - what you will always find is that sites like AMR & their peers will have different ways of arriving at a result to get a task completed; unless you’re fully open to flexibility (*which you seem to be, coming here from other sources), you’ll rarely appreciate difference. No one source of advice is ‘God’ - always try to be mindful of that.

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As cluey and eighjan said: give us a specific example and we can dig into it and explain the differences that you are seeing, and help you get the result that you are looking for.