Why Recraft a Legendary for Patch 9.1?

Is AMR already preparing for 9.1 ? It seems to have already suggest a legendary change for my Unholy DK from the Deadliest Coil Chest piece to the Frenzied Monstrosity Legs piece. IS this to be ready for the Shards of Domination refer to in the WoWHead article ?

Would it be possible to post a Snapshot ID to the character in question, so that the issue can be looked into in as much depth as is possible, please?

From, Best in Bags, click Help & then Create a snapshot ID, then post the string that is generated.

Thank you, in advance.

We haven’t made updates for 9.1 yet. Those will be posted right around when it goes live, since we have to switch over all the item data, etc. to avoid breaking anything.

Interesting, why then did gear change after weeks and weeks of the same… ???

Can’t answer that without more information.

Do what @eighjan suggested above and people can look.

I figured out why; my BiB strategy got changed from Single Target to Multi Target. That is why it was suggesting the gear change. Appreciate all of your help, advise and feedback. Thank you!