Why warblades over deathbringers?


It shows the swords as my bis instead of deathbringers from onyxia and I thought the axes would have been better, like dont i want slower weapons with higher damages?

Not necessarily - the speed of the weapon isn’t really all that important. Faster off hands tend to be a bit better, but the main hand it doesn’t follow a hard and fast rule. You do so much damage with bloodthirst and executes (which both aren’t based on weapon damage or dps at all) that the actual speed/dps of the main hand isn’t always the biggest factor.

Hello @Swol !

Could you please tell me the rotation AMR is using to calculate the upgrades?


Rage > 60
Heroic Strike

If Bloodthirst CD < 2s
Don’t use WW

Something like this I guess…

We use a mathematical model, so there won’t necessarily be a rotation used like in your example.

The model assumes that you use bloodthirst on cooldown. All rage used on execute during execute phase. Any excess rage is used on heroic strike. And if there is still rage available, whirlwind is used.

As a player, you will have to get a feel for how much rage you have to play optimally, but you can generally achieve what the mathematical model does by ensuring you have rage for bloodthirst when it is ready. If you are not replacing every main hand attack with heroic strike, you don’t have enough rage to make whirlwind worth using on a single target.

I change it up if you have a two-handed weapon equipped to incorporate slam.

Does your model consider that Slam is not used on Horde side and instead we use Hamstring to fish for WF procs?

I don’t do that in the model because all my calculations show that to be less DPS. The damage/rage that you do casting hamstring and fishing for windfury procs is was less than the damage/rage of a slam with a two handed weapon. By my estimates it is about half. If you have extra rage to spam hamstring in addition to using slams, it would be nominally worth doing.