Why would i use Mr Robot?

Hi all, maybe i’m missing something, but i can’t see what the non premium version of Mr Robot offers. I want to use it, as it appears to offer a lot, nice interface etc, but after creating an account and loading in my character there appears to be no logical process to work through for the site to provide me with anything.

The gear optimizer lets you run a DPS sim or artifact order if you need that. BiB and upgrades are premium. (I don’t have a problem with that)

Running stat weights appears to take a number of hours.

View/Edit strategy appears to give you the option to choose between two types of gearing strategies. It’s not clear if they are for my character, or even if they are of any use unless you have the premium option.

If it’s all about the premium features, i guess $1 is an ok price, but i want to make sure i am not missing something.


The free features include:

  • The simulator. If you are the kind of person who likes to really get into the details, simulators are a great tool for trying out gear, exploring rotations, etc.

  • Gear Explorer. It shows your current gear, recommends gems/enchants, and lets you browse ranked lists for each slot. Click on e.g. your head item, and it will use your chosen gearing strategy to rank all head items. You can filter and search that list in various ways as well.

  • Best in Slot. This will use your filters to find a recommended best set of gear for your character, but limited to just the content you plan to do.

And yeah, Best in Bags and the Upgrade Finder are the main premium features right now.

Thank you. It’s taken me a while but i went premium. Very nice BIB saved me a lot of time trying to work out what i needed to do.

If the addon included the list of upgrades, the suite would be perfect. :slight_smile:

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