Wierd BIS stat gearing choices

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So i ran a BIS for my Demo Warlock and Mr. Robot told me to go all in Versatillity / crit and to give up on Mastery. Which is very wierd because as Demo i do roughly 70% of my dmg through my demons. It also told me to use the Augury of the Primal Flame (barely top 15 at Bloodmallet) and Pips (rank 5 at Bloodmallet) . First i thought MrRobot is doing this because he things that the trinket will procc on ANY crits (trinket states that it only proccs on YOUR abilitys, not on pets atleast as far as i know) and because my wild imps have a crit chance of roughly 50% it would be nuts dmg so he is building the gear around the trinket but even when i lock on the BIS Trinkets from Blood Mallet MrRobot doubles down on Versatillity. So i ran a gear comparison on Raidbots between the Gear MrRobot recommend and a Mastery/Crit that would be more logical. Long Story short: Mastery/Crit with Blood mallet BIS trinkets beats MrRobot gear arround 6k dps. Soo whats goung wrong there? Is Blood mallet and Simcraft wrong about the Augur trinket and Pets can pürocc the bonus dmg ? Or is Mr Robot wrong and it overestimates this trinket wildly? And even then, why the versatillity?

I can take a look at it. We are, of course, using our own model of the game to calculate what would be the best gear. It is inevitable that sometimes we will get a slightly different answer than someone else’s model. Demonology saw significant changes in this patch - so at this point it will be hard to say who is definitely “right”.

6k on BiS is like… a little less than 2.5% difference. Comparing one model of the game (simc) that isn’t perfect to another model of the game (AMR) that also isn’t perfect… and coming up with suggestions that are that close in value should be comforting instead of a cause for concern.

A lot of the changes pushed some of the damage out of demons and into non-demon spells, so to me it seems at least possible that mastery could have gone down in value slightly. I’ll look through it and see if there are any tweaks to be made that could shift the damage profile slightly.

We can adjust the trinkets accordingly - they aren’t going to be what drives the stat choices, though.

I can look at adjusting the trinket… but keep in mind there is a cap on how much total damage it can do.

For example, take a 489 ilvl Augury of the Primal Flame, which caps at 234792 total dmg, “further increased by critical strikes”… which I’m assuming they added such that it will scale with crit like every other trinket, so if you have ~30% crit as you do on your BiS result, it would cap around 300k total damage over 20 sec. It’s unclear to me if the cap scales with versatility, but I’m assuming yes, otherwise it would be a poorly-scaling trinket compared to others, so let’s say you aren’t building for vers, you’ll still get some, so increase another 10% to 330k cap (single target).

With ~30% crit rate, to accumulate 330k damage in 20 sec with this trinket you would need to do about 71,500 DPS over that 20 seconds, single-target, without your pets. I would have to look at some logs to ballpark what % of damage comes from pet for demonology, it is pretty high… but if you could sustain around 200,000 total DPS for 20 seconds you should get max value from the trinket. Seems doable?

That said I’ll look at some more logs and play around with it.

From my logs i can say that my pets do arround 65 to 70% of my dmg.
You could be right if at that point there are stacks of demonic core ore power siphon are ready.
Will be test it ingame and give feedback.
Would love it to be proven cause the Blood mallet Trinket recommendation is really awkward to use

Thanks, let me know what you find. If we go the high end and say pets are ~70% of your damage, then I’d estimate to get the max out of a 489 ilvl Augury you would need to do around 240k total DPS for those 20 seconds. Assuming your other gear is up around that ilvl, that seems possible… but many players probably won’t be able to realize the full value (by definition, not every player can be in the top 90% of players!).

For our next update I might start with a small adjustment especially for demonology and beast mastery (maybe unholy?) but that is still “optimistic” about the trinket. Then we can go from there.

edit: Note that if you are limiting the number of on-use items in your Best in Slot results, even if we reduce the value of Augury of the Primal Flame a bit, it will still be one of the best non-use trinket choices.

From the handvoll of People on Warcraftlogs that have Augurs it seems to have 1-2 rppm.
Normaly i have arround 26% crit, but with flasks, proccs raidbuff all my spell have a 45-50% crit chance in raid, atleast in encounters over 5 min.
Given that i can cast arround lets say 15+ spells in a 20 sec window and half of them are crits (if one isnt unlucky) then assuming your 240k dps each of those spells needs to do atleast 60k crit dmg (so it would deal 30k bonus dmg that is subtracted from the 240k pool)
My 3 main spells Demonbolt, hand and Shadowbolt deal around 75k (Bolt) to 40k (hand) crit dmg
average. (Note that i have only 452 ilvl atm)
So it could be tight if the trinket only would consider these 3 spells as YOUR abillitys. If it also would consider the 2 piece bonus Doombrand and the Capstone talent Eye of Inquisitorand maybe even the dmg of other trinkets than it would be certanly no problem

I checked my code and made a couple adjustments to the tier 31 set bonus, which was doing a bit too much damage. The results end up with a spell breakdown that looks very realistic (about 65% of damage done by demons) and in line with high parsing logs. I’m still seeing the optimizer get more damage with a bit more versatility than mastery, though.