Wiki edit - version for 9.2 PTR

Hello !
I hope you have a wonderfull day.
So, i’m looking to do the modification annonced on the ptr 9.2 for enhancement. I’m trying to add the “spread” of Flame Shock after a cast of Lava Lash. I seems to have succeed to do so (results in sims show a difference)
with edit 9.2
Live version

Could you take a look make sure it’s well implemented ? (by well implemented i mean, did i set it up correctly)
I feel like the Script doesn’t have enough target to really show the difference. Specially with Fire Nova.
Thank you in advance !

That doesn’t look like it’s quite working… I’ll try to make an example for you tomorrow. Dealing with the 6 target cap is going to be quite difficult in the simulator… and then the spreading behavior is unique. I assume the “spread” snapshots the current flame shock’s duration… but if they already have it, it refreshes it? Or something. I’ll have to test it on the PTR.

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Does any other class have a “spread dot” kind of mechanics ?
Yeah for what I know it seems you can cast once Flame shock at start and never cast it again so I guess it’s full spell being cast on the closest target/best?

Yeah, there are some spread dot mechanics - like ignite. Ignite creates a snapshot of the dot and spread it. I don’t know if this is meant to work the same way. But then it will refresh on a target that already has it… which makes me think the spread actually applies the DoT, instead of snapshot.

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Well I hope it easy to implement. Let me know if I can provide any infos or test on the ptr.

Here is a quick way to implement it, ignoring the 6 target max for now:


I’ll have to think about how to handle the target max… right now we don’t have any scripts with more than 6 targets, so I’ll probably put that part of it off for a while.

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Thank you !

Theorically, the MM+ script doesn’t have more than 6 targets anyway ?

I have result close to my expectation so now need to change the rotation a bit.
In case you are interested :
Simulation - Report (
This is a rough idea of what i was looking for “Fire Nova” beeing “close to the top” in AOE situation.
The “fire” talents comming in hot too feel weird but i guess it’s because i’m using to mutch lava lash in the rotation for now.

Thank you Swol !
Looking forword to be able to set 2 legendaries now :3