Wildfire Bomb Rank 2 Seems to Be Missing

I’m still investigating some differences between SimC and AMR for survival. I’ve noticed that all of the components of Wildfire Bomb and Wildfire Infusion seem to do less damage in AMR than in SimC. I believe this is because Wildfire Bomb Rank 2 doesn’t appear to be implemented in the AMR spell list.

For reference:
SimC: Raidbots
AMR: Not Available

Yeah, looks like that one is missing. I’ll add it. That spell affects all the bombs. I’m working on the TBC optimizer right now, and then going right into 9.1 stuff - I’ll make sure to take a closer look at survival - apparently I must have rushed through it the first time. Poor survival, just can’t get any love.

This whole splitting of the spells into multiple spells with ranks between BfA and Shadowlands was rough to wade through.