Wildly incorrect BiS items


My upgrade finder appears to be working okay (though still needs innervate adding! :slight_smile: ) however when I use the best in slot function for arcane mage its showing me all sorts of nonsense

3 minute fight: 15978936260a422987a197a58d8f389f

Theres healing gear in there, frost gear and it seems to think t5+ t6 is a 99.94% downgrade.

Suggesting healing + int gems and a 12 stam enchant

infact it really really wants me to have healing gear

One thing I’ve noticed are the spirit + health calculations don’t look correct at all - could be affecting the results?

The character sheet there does seem to be having an issue - I’ll take a loot at why it isn’t updating.

I’d need a snapshot for your second post to look into it more - I’m not able to recreate it picking the luminous noble topaz.

Also keep in mind that the +healing does not factor into the calculations at all for arcane mage. If an item with +healing is chosen, it is solely for the other stats on the item.

They changed the mana regen calculation in TBC in the 2.4 patch such that your mana regen from spirit is multiplied by the square root of your intellect. This causes a complicated relationship between the desired amount of spirit/intellect that will give you the most optimal mana pool for any given fight length. Most of these shifting gear recommendations can be attributed to that relationship.

There does seem to be something weird going on with the ranked lists and the percentages shown. I’m going to figure that out. When I test it in development… the actual gear being picked is resulting in the highest damage, but the ranked lists aren’t showing the right relative percentage values for some reason.

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