Window wont open on toon after combat

I had the window open about to copy paste and got into combat and the screen froze and i couldnt shut the window, out of combat i did a /rl and now it wont open on my one toon but will open for others

Are you getting any error messages when you try to open it? There is a handy set of addons you can use to capture errors in other addons: BugGrabber and BugSack (available via twitch/curse). You could try installing those and see if it catches anything, and post the error message here.

i am getting no errors on screen but i shall try those and get back to you

i have installed said addons and getting no errors from your addon, is there anyway to reset the main window, as i have uninstalled and wiped the settings in the twitch app

You could try /amr reset

That will reset the size/position of the window.

that has sorted the issue and i now have my screen back again :slight_smile: