Windows string export is empty

Hi, today addon not show anything on windows to export string.
I`m deleted addon and reinstall but same, windows empty.
Thanks for support

Is this in-game, or on the website that you don’t see anything? Also, which version of the addon are you using?

In game to export to website.

Version 5 download today

Are you getting any kind of lua error? Version 5 is working for my characters. Which language does your WoW client use?

Spanish language, not lua error.
Now mi icon is green

I double-checked, I don’t see anything in version 5 of the addon that would cause an issue. You’re probably using the English version of the addon because we don’t have a Spanish localization for it yet, which is the same one that I use.

The icon turns green when auto-logging is enabled.

Hi, at last show error, I have disabled LUA Error:
Date: 2021-08-04 12:36:46
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: …\SharedXML\TableUtil.lua line 68:
bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
[string “=[C]”]: pairs()
[string “@…\SharedXML\TableUtil.lua”]:68: tInvert()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer\AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer.lua”]:541:
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer\AskMrRobotClassic-Serializer.lua”]:621: GetPlayerData()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\Export.lua”]:244: ExportCharacter()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\Export.lua”]:88: ?()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\ui\Ui.lua”]:148:
[string “=[C]”]: ?
[string “@Atlas\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0.lua”]:72:
[string “@Atlas\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0.lua”]:306: Fire()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\ui\AmrUiTabGroup.lua”]:139: SelectTab()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\ui\Ui.lua”]:363: Show()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\ui\Ui.lua”]:336: Toggle()
[string “@AskMrRobotClassic\Core.lua”]:26:
Swatter, v1.13.6652 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AdiBags, vDEV
Altoholic, vr191
Armory, vv1.1.1
AskMrRobotClassic, v5
Atlas, vv1.49.01
AtlasBurningCrusade, vv1.49.00
AtlasClassicWoW, vv1.49.00
AtlasDungeonLocs, vv1.49.00
AtlasTransportation, vv1.49.00
AtlasLootClassic, vv2.3.1-bcc
AtlasLootClassicData, vv2.3.1-bcc
AtlasLootClassicDungeonsAndRaids, vv2.3.1-bcc
AucAdvanced, v1.13.6717 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucFilterBasic, v1.13.6680 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatHistogram, v1.13.6681 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatiLevel, v1.13.6705 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatPurchased, v1.13.6672 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatSimple, v1.13.6634 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucStatStdDev, v1.13.6635 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AucUtilFixAH, v1.13.6608 (SwimmingSeadragon)
AuctionDB, vv1.05.02
BeanCounter, v1.13.6682 (SwimmingSeadragon)
BetterVendorPrice, vv1.15.00
DataStore, vr66
DataStoreAgenda, vr30
DataStoreAuctions, vr51
DataStoreCharacters, vr44
DataStoreContainers, vr60
DataStoreCrafts, vr83
DataStoreInventory, vr54
DataStoreMails, vr53
DataStoreQuests, vr47
DataStoreReputations, vr44
DataStoreSpells, vr33
DataStoreTalents, vr62
DBMCore, v2.5.8
DBMSoundEventsPack, v1.6.11
DBMStatusBarTimers, v
Details, v
DetailsStreamer, v
DetailsTinyThreat, v
Enchantrix, v1.13.6708 (SwimmingSeadragon)
EnchantrixBarker, v1.13.6697 (SwimmingSeadragon)
Informant, v1.13.6684 (SwimmingSeadragon)
LeatrixMaps, v2.5.47
LeatrixPlus, v2.5.47
LootReserve, v2021-07-09
NugComboBar, v9.1-bcc4
Pawn, v2.5.21
SlideBar, v1.13.6668 (SwimmingSeadragon)
Stubby, v1.13.6614 (SwimmingSeadragon)
ThreatClassic2, v2.37
ZygorGuidesViewerClassicTBC, v2.0
BlizRuntimeLib_esES v2.5.1.20501

Thanks, I think I see the issue now – you must be using the Spanish (Spain) locale, so it is running into an issue parsing professions. I only had data for Spanish (Mexico) in the addon. I’ll fix that in the next addon update.

The new update run for me¡¡¡¡¡ thanks