[Windwalker] Coordinated Offensive

I noticed that Mr Robot does not value the windwalker conduit Coordinated Offensive very high in the multitarget strategy compared to other sources.

I had a look and learned that most recommendations is to fixate SEF instantly if you have the conduit, to benefit from the bonus damage. The standard AMR rotation only fixates when there are less than 3 targets, meaning that in AoE/cleave situations, the extra damage from the Coordinated Offensive conduit is left on the table.

In AoE situations, from a DPS perspective, there’s no benefit of having the spirits hitting different target once you have 5 stacks of cyclone strikes. So with this in mind I modified the default rotation to fixate as soon as there is a maximum of 1 target without mark of the crane. I was thinking that if there is 2 or more targets without mark of the crane, the spirits will mean we can mark in fewer actions. This approach would have to ignore this limit when there are more than 5 targets, but I didn’t simulate any such situation. I called this rotation “Coordinated Cyclone Rotation”

Looking at how others had done it, they were just fixating instantly if you have the conduit, so I tested this as well and called it “Coordinated Offensive Rotation”.

So dosn’t seem like there is any benefit of the more complex approach of counting cyclone strikes.

This is obviously not a completely fair comparison since my monk has the conduit in all situations, and it’s plausible that the original rotation might still be better with a different conduit. So to evaluate this I also ran comparisons with combinations of all potency conduits, the AMR Rotation and the Coordinated Offensive Rotation.



And in both Mythic+ and the 5 target cleave scripts, combining the rotation with the conduit results in an increase in DPS. In single target there will be no differance since the < 3 target conditions is true and spirits are fixated anyway.

So this change would result in a fairer reflection of the conduit and help windwalker monks pick a more optimal buildout.

Looks like a good rotation optimization to me - I can add that to the default rotation and update the data.

I appreciate the detailed analysis. Would you believe that back in the day we had lofty visions of this type of community-driven rotation optimization happening all the time?


Cool! Happy to help!

haha the UI with autocomplete and everything is very well done actually! I’ve always appriciated askmrrobot and often try to look into why some things are rated differently in mr.robot.