Windwalker - Forgelite prime

Hi !

It seems to me that Forgelite Prime is overturned on blizzard ends. I see more and more WW with Forgelite as soulbinds… I was wondering is it across all specs/classes ? Or is it only for the WW.

What do you think ? Will it be nerf comming into raid ? Or even during Mythic week ?

Also seems to me like (for WW) Necrolord is also very overturned probably gonna be nerf soon.

Bron’s Call to action is all over the place right now because of what stacks it up and what doesn’t. The frequency you get him to summon is highly variable depending on spec. Monk is one of the better ones. I think they will probably make a change to even it out.

I think the fact that they changed bone dust brew to double dip in crit was a weird change. I wonder if they will take that out.

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Thank you once again