Windwalker - Necrolord covenant

Hello !

I have some information from the WW discord:
*Currently it looks like something happened that now prevents Bonedust Brew from proccing off non-Monk sources like trinkets, weapon procs, etc.

We assume this was done to stop the situations that people were seeing in Necrotic Wake and simply broke other things in the process.

We don’t know if this is a bug or intentional, but it would hurt Necrolord’s damage potential, especially in the profile sims that were using a lot of non-Monk damage sources. This would put NL safely behind Kyrian in damage potential if it stays in place, but not so much that everyone needs to abandon ship ASAP.

As we know/learn more, we’ll continue to update.*

How can I know in the simulator ?
Is it like the “exclude enchant” here:

So it means currently, it procs in the simulator on non-monk ability like trinket ?

Thanks you in advance !

Correct. I am currently not allowing it to proc off of item and enchant effects, so our current estimates reflect this change.

Sorry, re-read your post. That checkbox is to “exclude” enchants and items. So when it is checked, those will not trigger the effect.

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Thank you !