Windwalker Rotation


I’m not understanding how the WW sims are working. In the action list it says to use Tiger Palm as a way to gain chi but not if it was the last move. I’m not seeing anything to use after the first tiger palm in the action list and even in the simulation logs it uses tiger palm back to back to start (excluding ToD and SEF which don’t count for mastery).

Then the recommended opener Not Available here is saying to use Whirling Dragon Punch after the first tiger palm which isn’t possible because WDP can only be used if Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury are on CD.

I know starting with two tiger palms isn’t the worst thing especially if you have no choice but it does feel bad to do if you’re talented into an active ability on the first talent row as well as Fist of the White Tiger.

Then also I don’t understand how the simulation even works though if the action list says not to use tiger palm if it was your last ability. The action list also says to use Fist of the White Target when missing 3 or more chi so that would mean Fotwt should be the first thing used but it isn’t in the sim. The simulation doesn’t seem to be going off the action list at all.

I see I missed a Tiger Palm action that explains the part why Fotwt doesn’t get used to start.

The simulation is definitely using the action list!

The way you read that is as a priority list. At any given time, you execute the highest action in the list that you can, as long as you meet the conditions. If you are about to cap energy and are missing 2+ chi, Tiger Palm should be used to avoid wasting energy, as long as it wasn’t your last cast.

After you use Tiger Palm, you won’t be near max energy anymore, so it will go down the list and pick the next action, which is Touch of Death. After that, you might be near max energy again, so it will use Tiger Palm again. After that, it will try look for the next best action, which will be Storm, Earth, and Fire. After that, it will look for the next best action again, which will be Rising Sun Kick - and so on.

If you try to read the list as, “do this, then this, then this…” it will be confusing and not work right. You have to start at the top each time you pick an action and find the first one that fits current conditions.

yeah I saw that I missed the first tiger palm in the action list and I didn’t realize ToD counts toward WW mastery.

Another question I have is how are the ST training dummy sims getting any damage out of Touch of Karma?

Also off-topic but is it possible to modify the action list for personal use?

We just assume you can make full use of Touch of Karma for an optimistic DPS estimate. Blizzard balances WW DPS around being able to use touch of karma, for better or worse.

You can edit the rotation for your own simulations. The rotations can always be found in our wiki (along with every spell/item in the game):

Copy that and then edit it to what you want. When you go to do a simulation your private rotations will show up in the list.

I found it and wow it just opened up a new world for me lol… I can’t wait until gearing strategies are updated for custom rotations.

Do you know if there’s something like TargetHasDebuff(TouchOfDeath) I could use? I’d like to try out different things in the ToD window.

HasBuff() is a catch-all for buffs and debuffs, just use HasBuff(TouchOfDeath) as your condition

Over the course of a whole fight, little changes to what you do in the ToD window are going to be mostly not measurable - you might want to do something like only simulate a 60 second fight if you want to be able to see those differences more easily without setting ridiculously low margin of error on your sims.

Hmm I thought I tried HasBuff(TouchOfDeath) but maybe I made an error… SEF & ToD with cyclotronic blast, essence, FoF or RSK does huge burst dps and I believe it’s a pretty measurable DPS increase in long ST raid fights as well if you’re good with lining all 3 CDs up well. The main thing is cyclotronic blast though because of some SEF interaction with it which according to the monk discord might be a bug. I wouldn’t recommend it for people wanting simple rotations but it does melt your average open world rare almost instantly.

Yeah, it is fun to mess around with massive damage openers. I generally don’t put them into the “default” rotations because the added complexity doesn’t matter much overall. I consider that stuff: Do it because it’s fun, not because you have to.